CUEL Limited Emphasizes 19-year Success of Delivering Large Projects Worldwide

CUEL Laem Chabang Yard promotes its 19-year success of delivering large projects to customers throughout the world and highlights its operation with ISO and safety at work without DAFWC. CUEL Ltd has recently disclosed that it is ready to go forward to the new project of fabrication of the modules Pre-assembled Piperack (PAR) and Pre-assembled Unit (PAU) for installation in an oil refinery.

Mr. Pairat Tivakornpannarai, Acting Managing Director of CUEL Ltd, disclosed last June that CUEL Ltd has reached its 19th anniversary of the foundation with a number of large projects throughout the years such as the Ichthys LNG project owned and operated by INPEX. The INPEX’s Ichthys LNG project had been operated for 3 years, and CUEL Ltd was the subcontractor of JKC Co., Ltd. in this project. JKC Ltd was Ichthys’ onshore LNG Joint Venture contractor jointed by JGC Ltd, Chiyoda Corporation from Japan and KBR Overseas Inc. from the USA.

CUEL Ltd’ s work consisted of fabrication and erection of structural steel and pipework for Ichthys’ project amounting to a total of 36,500 tons of steel. There were 31 module shipments to Darwin. The first shipment was sailed on 31 May 2014, and the last shipment was on 14 January. Each module transported will be assembled into gas inlet parts, tubes interconnecting utility units, LNG/ LPG jetty and other production units.

The production of a large volume of very large pieces of work within a limit of time required a lot of workforce which peak at 4,000 per day, with over 34 million man-hours from the beginning to the closing of the project without DAFWC. The safety performance has been recognized by JKC Ltd as world class and a major accomplishment on the project.

 Despite Ichthys’ first project carried out by CUEL Ltd, a high quality was maintained throughout the production. JKC Ltd has acknowledged the quality of the modules produced by CUEL Ltd has facilitated the module assembling on the Darwin site.

Upon the success, CUEL Ltd has been acknowledged by both JKC Ltd and INPEX for delivering high quality products, achieving the goal of safe man-hours and world class safety record.

Mr. Pairat continued that CUEL Ltd has been in an operation of fabrication of modules Pre-assembled Piperack (PAR) and Pre-assembled Unit (PAU) for Beaumont Refinery in Texas, USA, awarded by TechnipFMC.

Moreover, CUEL Ltd has been working on an offshore wind power farm or Formosa 1 Phase 2 with Jan De Nul Group for the fabrication and supply of 20 transition pieces.

The construction of the offshore wind in CUEL Laem Chabang Yard was expected to be done in the first quarter of the year 2019. Located offshore of Jinan, Miaoli, northwestern Taiwan, Formosa 1 wind farm is the first offshore commercial wind farm in Taiwan which the construction is due to begin in 2020.

The operation on this project is regarded as CUEL’s important step to offshore wind industry which is one of the new industries of CUEL Ltd apart from oil and gas industry. CUEL’s determination is to provide goods and give services by taking safety, quality and delivery into account in order to completely meet customers’ needs.  

CUEL is a joint venture consisting of Chevron E&C, a company in a business group of the world’s leading oil and natural gas, and Unithai Shipyard and Engineering, a company operating on platform construction and pipework with the aim of being the leading business partner providing a variety of complete constructions for petroleum enterprises in the region.

The operation on each project of CUEL Ltd has emphasized and placed an importance on following international quality systems such as ISO 9001 : 2015,  ISO 14001 2015, OHSAS 18001 2007, DIN EN ISO 3834,  and DIN EN 1090 in order to create trusts among customers, workers and collaborating subcontractors.

Apart from following the international quality systems acknowledged worldwide, safety and labor relations are considered important to have always been operating with restriction. During the past years, CUEL Ltd has consecutively been awarded best workplace for safety, occupational health and working environment and best work place for labor relations and welfare.

In terms of safety, CUEL Ltd has got cooperation from executives, workers and customers very well as CUEL has systematic safety management which is divided into IIF leaders and IIF monitoring committee in policy level. This is because each day there are a lot of workers and staff coming to work in CUEL Laem Chabang Yard. They are as important as their families, and so are their families. They are aware of being safe on every single day.

Mr. Pairat also revealed that in addition to safety and quality, CUEL has placed an importance and supported social activities or corporate social responsibility (CSR) through the following activities.

Organizing Community Relations Badminton Competition

CUEL Ltd, together with Unithai Shipyard and Engineering Ltd, organized Badminton Match for Community Relations at the Laem Chabang Multi-purpose Sport Stadium.

The competition was a part of social activities, held with the aims to promote holistic health care of the members in the 11 nearby communities and to strengthen good relationship between the two companies as well. In this competition, there were 16 teams of mixed doubles, consisting of 5 teams from CUEL and Unithai and 11 teams from the 11 communities, namely (1) Ban Bang La Mung Community, (2) Ban Tung Community, (3) Ban Na Kao Community, (4) Ban Tung Krad Community, (5) Wat Ma No Rom Community, (6) Ban Laem Thong Community, (7) Ban Na Mai Community, (8) Ban Nong Ma Nao Community, (9) Ban Talad Ao Udom Community, (10) Ban Ao Udom Community and (11) Ban Laem Chabang Community.

Amid the fireworks and exciting battles, badminton players and cheerleaders shared their happiness and laughter and displayed the true spirit of sportmanship throughout competition.

Donating Money to Support the Construction of 84th Year Nawamindhra Bopitr Building, Siriraj Hospital

Khun Wichien Nimmolrat, Strategy and Business Development Manager, and Khun Thongchai Montatipkul, Business Development Manager, on behalf of CUEL Ltd, attended the Buddhist monk ceremony and the celebration of the 17th Anniversary of the Ministry of Energy. On this occasion, CUEL donated money to support the construction of 84th Year Nawamindhra Bopitr Building, Siriraj Hospital, and Khun Kulit Sombatsiri, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy was the representative to receive the donated money.

Joining the Laem Chabang Getting Together for Water and Mangrove Conservation Project

CUEL Ltd took the volunteered staff to join the Laem Chabang Getting Together for Water and Mangrove Conservation Project. The volunteered staff gathered to release aquatic animals (shrimps, shells crabs and fish) back to nature and plant mangrove forests in honor of HM King Rama X’s 67th Birthday. On this occasion, Khun Jinda Thanomrod, Mayor of Laem Chabang City Municipality, presided the opening ceremony, addressed her appreciation to all participants and organizations that have been supporting this event and emphasized the purposes of this event which was to support and promote all parts to learn to live with not destroy the nature, as well as the Community Eco Tourism program, cultivation of consciousness of environmental conservation and the huge value of the marine life.

“Creating New Careers for Community 2019” Project

CUEL Ltd, collaborating with Unithai Shipyard and Engineering Ltd, organized “Creating New Careers for Community 2019” project. Representatives from the 11 communities nearby Laem Chabang Yard were invited to apply for the following vocational training courses:

1. “Gui Chai Lahk Sai” or steamed dumplings with various stuffing, trained by Mr. Att Khunsee, the owner of marvelous recipes;

2. “Bang Sue Pork Satay,” trained by Mr.Somyot Petchklad, the owner of a unique pork satay recipe;

3. “Mu Daeng, Mu Krob” or roasted red pork and crispy pork, trained by Mr. Adulroj Angsanansuk, the owner of a successful restaurant with a lot of excellent menus;

4. “Air Ban” or residential air conditioners (installing, cleaning, moving and fixing), trained by Mr. Khanchit Pothongkham, giving air-conditioning fixing techniques at Matichon Academy. Applying for these courses provided more job opportunities.

These activities aimed to create more careers for the people in the community who lack opportunities and have no regular income but have strong determination to carry on an occupation to support their own families. Representatives of each community paid attention to this project and concentrated on learning with joy as well as asked for interesting techniques and tips in every single step of the courses for highest usefulness.

Risk Assessment Activity at Wat Laem Chabang School

Occupational Health, Environment and Safety (HES) Team of CUEL Ltd conducted the workshop on “Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Regarding Safety” for teachers and Student Council of Wat Laem Chabang School for 5 years in a row.

The workshop placed an emphasis upon the observation and the hazard identification skills in the activity areas of the school as well as unsafety playing behaviors. Throughout the field exercises, the students were assigned to survey the major areas of the school and identify the risks by using a risk assessment form. The students, together with their peers, carefully and joyfully participated in the exercises. In addition, they had an opportunity to brainstorm to figure out how to control and prevent those potential hazards. Throughout their years of practice, the number of injuries caused by activities in the school has obviously decreased at this time.

  • date : 07-04-2020